ZoomText Mac

It is pleasing to see some additional screen magnification software in the mac space, but I really think ZoomText Mac is a work in progress and typical of a v1.0 release! If someone is really really in need of additional magnification then maybe yes. For me I am happy with built in Zoom. Currently I’d only place Zoomtext Mac  on a watch with interest list.
  • Additional layers of zoom
  • Font Smoothing
  • Focus Enhancements to highlight windows and seclections
  • Selection of additional colour schemes
  • Pricepoint at $299 it is not value for money.
  • Cursor sensitivity is very poor when selecting item using lager cursor
  • Incompatible with built-in Zoom
  • Incompatible with built-in color settings as ZoomText Mac’s color filters can be affected by OS settings.
  • Doesnt work well with Microsoft Office as Office doesnt follow OSX accessibility standards
A useful and cheaper item
If all you need is a more perecivable cursor at a cheaper price then Pinpoint is a good app! It is useful, highly configurable and at $5.49 a much lower cost large cursor.